Credible, accessible financial services

To enrich peoples lives while showing a steady and managed upward progression across Africa.

Credible, accessible financial services

To enrich peoples lives while showing a steady and managed upward progression across Africa.

We exist to provide the tools for the people of Africa and businesses to build a brighter future. For stronger nations, fuelled by their participation in a growing economy.

Izwe Africa Group is an established credit provider operating in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia.

We service a range of economically-active customers with purpose-based loans, savings and
investment solutions to contribute to the development of the country as a whole.

To our investors and stakeholders, we represent a solid investment and expansion opportunity to make a positive impact by buying into an organisation with a strong track record and excellent growth prospects across the continent.

Our mission for financial services in Africa.

Our mission is to enable people to enrich their lives by providing them with ready access to useful financial solutions.

We are deeply committed to continual innovation to meet our customers’ long-term financial goals – giving them a real opportunity to generate fiscal wealth through smart and secured investments.

Izwe provides easily accessible finance solutions based on responsible lending principles and has built a solid name, with a reputation as a reliable, safe and trustworthy financial services partner.

Our vision is to be a market leader in the financial services industry, a customer-centric brand recognised for innovation and social responsibility.

An innovative and effective operating model

We make it easy for new customers to engage with us thanks to an extensive urban and rural footprint serviced by a network of branches, call centres, independent sales teams, and digital channels.

We personalise their financial assistance, using a tailored risk matrix that ensures that the right packages and fees are assigned to the right people. We take into account in every transaction their individual financial position and capability, to minimise risk and assure fairness.

We offer a variety of payout options upon approval of our customers applications.

Widely accessible, life-changing financial solutions for Africa.

By providing easy access to the right kind of help, we’ve shown it’s possible to improve lives and deliver social upliftment, while generating solid financial rewards.

We facilitate unsecured loans to an underbanked and previously-excluded niche market and ensure reliable collection through salary deductions and direct debits, meeting our customer needs while protecting our bottom line.

In the absence of formal employment, we offer asset-backed lending and other secure products to give entrepreneurs and business owners access to the funds they need to grow their businesses, against the value of their vehicle.

To stimulate and enable the growth of small-to-medium enterprises we offer an accelerated invoice payment financing solution that bridges the gap between corporate payment terms and small business’ cash flow requirements.

Lastly, our savings and investment vehicles in Ghana offer exceptional returns to help people to prepare for a brighter financial future.

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Widely Accessible. Life Changing Solutions.

Izwe services a range of economically active customers…

…who are formally employed

…in urban and remote areas

…for uses that help develop
the country as a whole

All data is as at 30 June 2021 (unaudited).