Shaping Africa’s future
with flexible, life-changing
financial solutions

Financial assistance that enriches lives.

Shaping Africa’s future
with flexible, life-changing
financial solutions

Financial assistance that enriches lives.

A trusted financial service provider in Africa

Izwe Africa Group is a dynamic micro-financier and insurer, rapidly growing across the continent. Since expanding from South Africa in 2008 we have followed a steady and managed upward progression, and continually focused on developing a world-class business through strategic location choices.

Izwe means ‘nation’. It is the essence of what we stand for: uplifting people for the greater good of their country. We provide the tools they need to build brighter futures and stronger nations, fuelled by their participation in a growing economy.

Our innovative service delivery systems and customer-centric financial solutions create real competition for traditional banking corporations.

Financial solutions for positive change.

Izwe Africa Group has built a solid reputation as a provider of choice for short-term secured and unsecured loans, savings and investment solutions. Our unwavering promise is built on the principles of accessibility and efficiency.

We exist to:

Create efficient financial
services for private individuals and small businesses.

Provide safe, high-yielding savings and investment solutions to help customers grow their money.

Izwe Africa Group at a Glance

Presence in 5 African countries

Value of loans written since inception exceeds USD500 million

Loans disbursed to over 246 000 customers

More than 400 staff and 1 000 active independent sales force consultants

Over USD230 million in local currency funding raised

Group management combined industry experience: 83 years

Full suite of financial services products

All data is as at 31 March 2021 (unaudited).

Financial solutions that make a difference

We believe strongly in financial inclusion, enabling easy access to life-changing offerings that
solve our customer’s problems and help them to better their lives.

We are a dedicated, trusted guide for customers as they work toward a brighter financial future.
We are committed to a collaborative, consultative approach – listening before we advise and
providing the right help at the right time.

Since we first opened our doors, we’ve had the
opportunity to change countless lives…
most of this has been through helping people to…

Helping over 600,000 customers to:

All data is as at 30 June 2021 (unaudited).

Responsible lending

Our mandate is to promote access to finance for SMEs and households. Therefore it is imperative for us to have the necessary policies and procedures to maintain high social performance standards and target social returns along with financial gains.

By weaving responsible lending principles into every level of our business, we ensure that we have a solid foundation on which to build strong, lasting relationships, increase customer retention
and reduce financial risk.

We ensure customer protection by applying a well-defined risk matrix with scorecards, supported by well-informed practices and certifications. This prevents customers from borrowing more than they can afford to repay, or using products they do not need.

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