Our Investors

Partnering for strong growth prospects while making a postive impact across Africa.

Our growth philosophy is underpinned by a solid commitment to develop lasting relationships with our partners, investors and staff. In so doing we tap into a collective source of opportunity and wealth development based on shared intellectual leverage and teamwork.

Invested for the Long Term

We’re proud to say that the shareholders that started Izwe at the very beginning in 2004 are still deeply invested in the Group, with many reputable shareholders also acquiring equity participation in the years that followed.

The Group has a wide array of local and international funders contributing capital. Our funders include international banks, local banks, insurance companies, private and public asset managers, as well as a number of distinguished international social impact funders.

Thanks to their commitment, we’re able to embody true teamwork work in everything we do. This is achieved through high levels of trust between each party, which is built and maintained by the highest levels of transparency.

To potential backers, we have opportunities that enable investors to:

Take advantage of our reach within Africa.

Make a positive impact through responsible lending practices.

Ensure a solid investment decision based on a strong track record, excellent growth prospects and a proven operating model.

Remain risk-averse, but opportunity-aware, with a diverse funding approach and mix to minimise risk.

Record, excellent growth prospects and an operating model that has a proven and effective funding approach and mix to minimise risk.

We are able to generate superior returns for our funding partners and investors, through effective credit management, comprehensive portfolio reporting and product innovation.

Funding Mix

Izwe has developed a diversified fund raising process with a formal capital raising structure which has led to spread (over T-bill) compression and a well-diversified funding mix.

All data as of 31 December 2022.

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